This boy has far to go and much to add to the Coldwater Rat Terrier lines. Rat Terriers love to dig, and they can get out of a fenced yard relatively easily. Den delas in i två storleksvarianter. Rat terriern är två- eller trefärgad och förekommer i olika färger varav en alltid ska vara vitt. What is the size of an average Rat Terrier? What is Rat Terriers life expectancy? Life Magazine showed President Roosevelt with three black and tan Rat Terriers. Located in Boulder, Colorado, we currently breed Rat Terrier puppies. AKC Breeder of Merit, a dedicated breeder for 47 years focusing on health, temperament, and type. The average lifespan of a Rat Terrier is 16 to 19 years. K2 RAT TERRIERS - Colorado: 0 5472 K2 Rat Terriers is located in Golden Colorado, and specializes in happy, healthy pups with the proven potential to excell in any arena. K2 Rat Terriers has been a member of since June 2013. Approx. Like previously stated, this breed thrives off of human interaction and needs plenty of attention to live a happy and healthy life. Find Rat Terrier dogs and puppies from Oregon breeders. Named by the perceptive Teddy Roosevelt, the Rat Terrier was developed in Great Britain originally from the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Manchester Terrierin 1820. Rat Terriers will do okay in an apartment so long as they get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. Are Rat Terriers children friendly? Karston has a best buddy. Rat Terriers can make for great children companions when raised with them at a young age. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Yes, they love … K2 Rat Terriers stresses temperament, testing, and type. However, it is important to note that Rat Terriers may be overly protective with family members or hostile … Striving to make all puppies smart, happy, healthy new family members. 1 month wait. Our Rats are OFA health … 65 Roses Rat Terriers added 4 new photos. Yes, they love … The Breeders on the list must be Members of the RTCA and agree to abide by the RTCA and the AKC Code of Ethics. Like many terriers, the Rat Terrier is highly intelligent and can be extremely stubborn. Colorado. Terrier. Located in Felixville, LA, Felixville Rat Terriers breeds with the goal to produce healthy, temperamentally sound Rat Terriers who excel in the show ring, performance events, farm work, and at home as loving pets. What is the size of an average Rat Terrier? Svensk rasklubb för Rat Terrier och American Hairless terrier (AHT), RAHT, Svenska Kennelklubben, SKK, rasbeskrivning, rasstandard, avelspolicy, valpar, fodervärd Pet Service. The Rat Terrier was originally bred for ratting and farm work. Rat Terriers tend to live longer than most dogs. Rat terrier skall endast vara något längre än den är hög vilket innebär att den ger ett närmast kvadratiskt intryck. Diego’s Roanoke Championship Diego with excellent conformation, athletic ability, and temperament. If you don't have a fenced-in area for your Rat Terrier to run, be sure to take several, vigorous walks each day. K2 Rat Terriers. The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is a short-legged offshoot of the Rat Terrier. “They are hunters at heart and will happily chase anything that chooses to run away,” says Tracey Kallas, a breeder at K2 Rat Terriers and AKC/UKC Rat Terrier judge. 3 month wait. The Rat Terrier is an American dog breed with a background as a farm dog and hunting companion. Photos. 49: Harris Rats - New Hampshire: 0 3441 Dedicated to producing Rats of sound health, temperament, and conformation. The RTCA offers this list as a service to people looking for Rat Terrier Puppies or for contacts for Breed information. Rat Terriers were used for protecting homes and farms from rodents. The average Rat Terrier stands at about 10-18 inches tall and weighs from 10-25 pounds. Rat Terriers have a strong prey drive, so allowing them to play off-leash in an open space isn't recommended. Find Rat Terrier dogs and puppies from Kentucky breeders. Några av raserna används fortfarande i stor utsträckning för till exempel grytjakt men de flesta är i dag populära sällskapshundar. Rat Terriers made their way to the United States with English immigrants in the 1890s, where it once again worked on farms. Egenskaper / Mentalitet. Generally good with other dogs and cats in his own family, the Rat Terrier does have a high prey drive and quick reflexes. We are very thankful to K2 Rat Terriers for allowing us to add him to our program. Rat terrier finns i två storleksvarianter; 25,5 - 33 cm och 33--46 cm i mankhöjd. Rat Terrier Dogs 101As a group, Terriers are a tough, tenacious bunch and none is feistier than the star of this edition of Animal Facts. Felixville Rat Terriers. Rat Terriers crave lots of companionship, often using their paws to wrap around your neck or to demand attention. The Rat Terrier was first recognized as a dog breed by the UKC (United Kennel Club) in 1999, after that, it took the AKC (American Kennel Club), a little over ten years to recognize the breed in 2010. They come in 4 different sizes, Toy (under 10 lbs), Mini (11-18 lbs), Standard (19-21 lbs) and Decker (22-40 lbs). Rat Terrier x Basset Hound = Rat Basset Rat Terrier x Beagle mix = Raggle Rat Terrier x Bluetick Coonhound = Bluetick Rat Terrier; Rat Terrier x Bichon Frise = Rashon Rat Terrier x Boston Terrier = Brat Rat Terrier x Brussels Griffon = Rattle Griffon Rat Terrier x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = King Rat Rat Terrier. K2 Rat Terriers Tracey Golden CO 80403 Phone: 3036420104 E-Mail: Pet. Breed Group: Terrier Height: 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder (Miniature) or 13 to 18 inches (Standard) Weight: 8 to 25 pounds Life Span: 12 to 18 years The Rat Terrier began as a variety of the Smooth Fox Terrier. Interest. Diego Best of Winners. The Rat Terrier is a hard-working farm dog, able to rid an infested barn of vermin with no … Some of these dogs have passed on, some of them have found new homes and so are no longer with us, some are still with us but have been retired from breeding, some are dogs we never owned, but are … Album Karston , Aspen's Blessings 5th born male 9/23/20. Life Expectancy: 15-18 years. It combines seven breeds, including the Smooth Fox Terrier, Bull Terrier, Old English White Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Whippet, and Beagle. The average lifespan of a Rat Terrier is 16 to 19 years. Rat Terriers are among the most trainable of terriers, and sports like agility, fly ball, and coursing are excellent ways to socialize them and burn off excess energy. De huvudsakliga raserna är släthårig foxterrier och manchesterterrier.Andra raser som kommit att ingå är Old English White Terrier, bullterrier, beagle, american toy fox terrier, whippet och … If we make a comparison of the Rat terrier Vs Fox terrier, we will find that the Rat terrier that originated in the United States is very affectionate and does not like being alone and is also very willing to please whereas the Fox terrier, originally bred in the United Kingdom is also very loving but can sometimes also be stubborn and makes more noise than the Rat terrier. Infusions of Italian Greyhound, Whippet, Beagle, Miniature Pinscher, and Chihuahua were used to create an … Bred primarily for protection against vermin on the farm or ranch, and not as earth dogs, the Rat Terrier will follow most quarry to the ground but are more suited to trailing, flushing, treeing game and hunting rabbits and vermin. Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers. Sheree Sanchez. Rat Terriers were popular farm dogs by the early 1900s–they were probably among the most popular dogs in America. What is Rat Terriers life expectancy? He will dispatch squeaky creatures with little effort. The average Rat Terrier stands at about 10-18 inches tall and weighs from 10-25 pounds. Rat Terriers have a few personality quirks that necessitate early socialization, so proper training is required to have a well-mannered companion. Rat terrier är en hundras från USA.Den är en terrier som skapats av olika hundar som immigranter förde med sig mot slutet av 1800-talet. Healthy Happy Intelligent companions looking for new homes to call their own = please contact us for more info. If you have any questions or are interested in any of my puppies, please contact me today. RAT TERRIER REGISTRIES AND ASSOCIATIONS American Rat Terrier Association Decker Hunting Terrier Registry National Rat Terrier Association Rat Terrier Club of America OTHER KENNELS IN THE INTERMOUNTAIN WEST Bear Tuff Rat Terriers - Kiowa, CO - Mainly Decker and Fire Mountain lines K2 Rat Terriers - Golden, CO - … Approx. Rat Terriers of the past Click here to view pictures and info of Rat Terriers that appear in pedigrees of our Rat Terriers. A multipurpose companion dog that is capable of hunting rodents and vermin above and below ground, and to course small game. At that time they were all their original color of black and tan. Are Rat Terriers children friendly? From 1910 through the 1930s, the Rat Terrier was one of the most common farm dogs, as it was used for ratting, hunting varmints and other important work. Majoriteten av hundraserna i grupp 3 har sitt ursprung i Storbritannien och har en bakgrund som jakt- eller kamphund. President Theodore Roosevelt even kept them in the White House. Rasen kan vara två- eller trefärgad, varav en färg alltid är vit. Miniatyr 25,5–33 cm och standard 33–46 cm. Rat Terriers tend to live longer than most dogs. PLL clear by parentage CHIC – pending. They sleep together, play together, and clean each others ears. More Rat Terrier Puppies / Dog Breeders and Puppies in Colorado. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Today's Rat Terrier … They are fairly active indoors and should have at least a small to medium-sized yard. Hunden ska ge ett kraftfullt men ändå elegant och smidigt intryck. However, the AKC has already had Rat Terriers in contests and in companion events since 2006. Posts to 65 Roses Rat Terriers. They share much ancestry with the small hunting dogs known as feists.Common throughout family farms in the 1920s and 1930s, they are now recognized by the United and American Kennel Clubs and are considered a rare breed. Follow our Facebook Page for updates on our dogs, upcoming litters, and more. It was brought to the USA in the 1890s. Rat Terrier Dogs 101- Animal FactsThe Rat Terrier is an American dog breed with a background as a farm dog and hunting companion.