found in each room of your home. But even at home, accidents and unforeseen incidents can happen when we least expect them. Fire Safety Resources. Community Safety Community Safety Most unintentional injury-related deaths occur off the job, often when least expected – during a vacation, while doing chores at home or while driving around. Home Safety Follow these basic guidelines to keep your home safe for the entire family. Reacquaint yourself with the proper use of your tools before each project. Close all doors between you and the fire. good for us and for our granddaughter when she comes to visit.” Check for. I remember nailing siding onto my house from the top of a 30-foot scaffold. safety at home: 10 common safety hazards around the house The home is supposed to be where you and your family are safe and protected but every year accident and emergency units deal with serious injuries and sometimes fatal accidents that occur in the home. At the end of the checklist, you’ll find other tips for preventing falls. Read the labels on all project materials you buy, and pay particular attention to the safety directions. A collection of important tips about safe practices during home improvement project for amateur carpenters and homeowners to start off projects the right way. P. Check. for Safety… This alarm uses Wi-Fi to provide real-time updates. For each hazard, the checklist tells you how to fix the problem. Consider investing in a smart smoke detector like Google Nest Protect † (about $119*). Get some peace of mind by following these home safety tips and taking the necessary steps to decrease the chance of injurious incidents by eliminating potential causes and preparing for what happens after they occur. Cordless Window Coverings: Loose cords can strangle children in an instant. Home is where we feel safe, secure and comfortable. In some cases, smoke or fire may prevent you from exiting your home or apartment building. Switch out all corded blinds and curtains for cordless versions. Install fire alarms on all levels of your home, and check and change the batteries at least annually for better fire safety. “Making changes in our home to prevent falls is . Electrical sockets, poisons, furniture, blind cords and water can all become potential hazards - often quite suddenly. If this is cost prohibitive or not possible, make sure all cords are stored out of children’s reach and […] Home Safety Activity Book (Spanish/ En Español) Additional Resources. SAFETY activities will cover different needs due to the involvement of CPAs at national, regional and local level, which is a strong point of the project that has the challenge to improve the effort in the development of prevention products and services, strengthening the capacity for prevention and alerting. Safety at home. Fire Safety Infographic- This poster teaches families what to do in case of a fire. To prepare for an emergency like this, practice "sealing yourself in for safety" as part of your home fire escape plan. 1. And you can access remote monitoring right on your smartphone or other mobile device. Safety. That one got my blood circulating. Use duct tape or towels to seal the door cracks and cover air vents to keep smoke from coming in. The home is the most common place for children to be injured. Inquisitive and adventurous young children don't have a full understanding of the consequences of their actions. Here you’ll find a variety of resources, including posters, charts, pocket guides and more. Home-improvement projects often call for risky practices.